Baan Vastgoed will buy based on your conditions

so you know where you stand

  • Your conditions
  • No (brokerage) fees
  • Customized solutions
  • Personal contact

What can we do for you?

Selling your property is a big step. Especially if your personal situation plays a role. Baan Vastgoed specializes in relieving you as a seller when dealing with complex sales situations.

We specialize in silent sales and purchase your property under your conditions. We are not a broker, but buy for our own account.

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Customized advice for your situation

  • Do you want to sell quickly?
  • Do you want peace and security in the sale and be totally unburdened?
  • Do you need to arrange the sale from abroad?
  • Does your situation require a subtle approach?
  • Do you want to sell but still use the property partially and / or temporarily?
  • Do you want good relationships that you now have to remain good also after the sale?
  • Do you want to close the branch (in the future)?

We value personal contact and customization. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your wishes without any obligations.

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"I am happy for my tenants that Gerard bought the property and for myself that I now have fewer concerns."

“I wanted to sell my health center, but I was dreading it for a long time. I was worried about what would happen to the tenants I had for 16 years. Gerard van Baan Vastgoed was the right person at the right time. We discussed my wishes and based on that we completed the sale in a very pleasant and relaxed way. Afterwards we toasted with the tenants to the good outcome! I am happy for my tenants that Gerard bought the property and happy for myself that I now have fewer concerns. It's great that Gerard had an eye for the whole situation and not just for 'the bricks’. ”

Mai van Dijk - Fleetwood-Bird

"The sale felt like a relief to me."

“There was a hassle with one of my properties and I didn't want to keep putting more of my time and energy in it. I am glad that Gerard wanted to take over the building as it was. He has arranged everything for a smooth transfer. The sale felt like a relief to me. ”

André Vlug - Eet en Drinklokaal de Hoofdwacht te Brielle

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