Selling your property

When selling, you may want to close the door behind you without having to empty your property, only sell it partially, or there are social risks involved. You may not want publicity or you want to ‘sell under your own conditions’.

In such situations you need more than someone who just wants to buy the property without burdens and / or without particularities. We actualize your wishes when buying your property.

Every sales situation is unique.

Also yours. That is why we like to talk to you, identify your needs and offer solutions.
Is it a crazy idea to exchange ideas about the possibilities?

After a conversation you know where you stand and you can decide whether you want to sell to us.

Do you have any questions or would you like to meet us personally?

We are happy to visit you to discuss your wishes and the oppertunities.

This is how we help you

1. Getting to know each other

We make an appointment and visit you to discuss your situation and wishes.

2. Immediate clearness

At the end of the conversation you will immediately hear if and what we can do for you

3. Sales proposal

As a mediator, we can enter into a dialogue with those involved at your request to have your wishes taken into consideration for the sales proposal.

4. Bidding

Based on your wishes (and possibly of those involved) we formulate the conditions that suit your situation and we make an offer.

5. Purchase deed

If you accept the bid, we will prepare the deed of sale. We take care of the settlement with the notary and any other involved authorities.

(Do you not accept the bid? That is allowed and that is no problem. We do not charge any fees.)

6. The sale

Congratulations! You have sold your property in a way that suits you! If you wish, we take care of the communication with those involved (in a festive manner).

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